A Traditional Bride’s Outfit

Most young girls dream of walking down the aisle of the church in a white wedding dress, a long and flowing bridal train and a matching veil. They might dream of their groom waiting for them in a tuxedo, and their attendants will be dressed in the colors they have chosen. This is a perfect fantasy when they are young, but girls grow up and discover the many facets of fashion. They sometimes change their minds about wearing a white dress on this day.

Long gowns are beautiful, and their matching veils add an air of elegance and mystery to the bride’s appearance. While she may have dreamed of this as a child, a modern bride might now wants to wear something she will use on other occasions. White is a good color, but not all women feel it suits them. They can choose from a variety of colors in today’s bridal wear, and the dresses range all across the rainbow.

Weddings are a serious occasion, but it no longer restricts the bride to a long dress. Shorter outfits have always been acceptable in churches, and the only requirement is that they are respectful of the occasion. A bride who wants to walk down the aisle in a dress suitable for a nightclub will find she is inappropriately dressed, but fashion still has a place in modern weddings.

Brides now have more choices in what to wear for their wedding day, but most still choose a traditional dress. They see it as a way to connect with their family history, and they enjoy the pomp and ceremony that goes with wearing a classic style. Even if they do choose to go modern, they still realize their dream of walking down the church aisle to marry the one they love.