Outfits for the Wedding Party

The groom and his attendants have long had the best of the bargain when dressing for a wedding, and it is due to their ability to rent suits or tuxedos for a day. The cost is usually affordable, and many stores have special rates for the male members of the wedding party. The bride’s attendants have a more difficult road to find the proper apparel, and it is generally much more expensive.

Church weddings are formal events, and this is reflected in the clothing the wedding party wears. Long dresses are part of what every bridesmaid expects to wear, but the bride chooses the color and style. One of the complaints about these dresses is that they will only be worn once, and it has long been a point of tension within the wedding party. Modern brides now have more options for their own dress, and they can find dress styles that will allow their attendants a chance to get more use out of their outfits.

Shorter dresses are becoming more fashionable for brides and their attendants, so there is a good chance the clothes will be appropriate for a range of events. Rather than looking like a group of girls going to a prom, dress designers and manufacturers are now designing dresses for adult women. The styles incorporate modern cut, colors and material. Best of all, they are designed with many different events in mind instead of just a wedding.

While the bride still has the option for choosing the color of her bridesmaids’ dresses, some of them are willing to offer their attendants a variety of colors. The church will require the clothing to be in keeping with the solemnity of the occasion, but brides have found they now have a lot more leeway in planning and dressing their wedding party.