Wedding Bouquets and Flowers

Walking down the center aisle of the church while carrying a bouquet is part of the ceremony of most weddings, but the availability of exotic flowers has given brides more options. Greenhouses are now used to grow flowers that might not have been available in previous decades, and brides have become aware of the beauty a unique bouquet contributes to their outfit. They might choose a bright group of hothouse orchids for a splash of color, or they can go with the more traditional rose bouquet in vibrant colors.

Many churches allow the wedding party to dress up the church and pews with flowers, and there are few restrictions when making a selection. Brides and grooms with a large budget can import blossoms from across the globe that will be flown in. It may seem that those with smaller budgets might have fewer flowers, but local florists often have complete wedding packages that will fill the church with beautiful blooms at an affordable price.